Product Care Instructions

BION Gift Jewellery is a precious work of art that requires special attention to keep it shining and looking perfect on every occasion. Here is a guide to caring for and preventing your jewellery to maintain its beauty:

Daily Care Guidelines

  • Protect your jewellery from hard impacts and friction with rough surfaces. Keep it away from sharp objects that may cause scratches on the jewellery's surface.

  • When engaging in activities such as washing hands, bathing, swimming, working out at the gym, or any other activities that may potentially damage the jewellery, it is better to remove your jewellery to prevent any harm.

  • Avoid exposure to products such as perfumes, soaps, bleach, lotions, cosmetics, and other chemicals that may dull gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, and pearls. Ensure that your cosmetic products and skincare treatments are fully dry before wearing your jewellery.

Safe Jewellery Storage

  • We recommend that you store your BION jewellery securely to prevent scratches and damages. Keep each piece of jewellery separate in the BION jewellery box you received upon purchase. Avoid storing multiple pieces together without separation to prevent scratches.

  • Ensure that chains are carefully clasped and laid flat to prevent tangling. By following proper care and storage practices, your BION Gift Jewellery will always shine and captivate on every occasion.

  • You can always bring your jewelry to any BION Gift Jewellery store for cleaning. The jewelry cleaning service is available for a lifetime.